RDI International Think Tank Participated in "Three Invitations and Three Request" in Ganjiang New Area Beijing Chunming Symposium to Help the Development of New District

On March 1, 2019, the “Three Request and Three Return” Beijing Chunming Symposium held by the Jiangxi Ganjiang New District Management Committee was held in Beijing. Liu Jianyang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Ganjiang New Area, Director of the Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Nanchang Municipal Committee and Mayor of Nanchang; Zhu Yuanfa, member of the Party Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce, Deputy Director thereof; Xiong Yijiang, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Ganjiang New District, Secretary of Economic Development Group and Linkong League of Party Working Committee; Liu Jinglun, Chair of Beijing Jiangxi Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and president of Taikang Group; President of Zhongyang Construction Group, a member company of RDI International Think Tank, RDI International Think Tank Representative Xu Wenqing and other more than 20 Beijing entrepreneurs attended the meeting.

Spot of Conference

This meeting mainly carries out the important requirements of General Secretary Xi Jinping for Jiangxi's work, and thoroughly implements the "three requests and three returns" to help the new area develop by leaps and bounds with high quality in accordance with the decision-making and deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Sixth Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Provincial Party Committee. We will discuss the road of green financial development in the new era and the strategy of Jiangxi's green rise in the new era. At the meeting, Beijing Jiangshang entrepreneurs combined their own entrepreneurial experience and successful experience, shared their local stories and entrepreneurial insights, and expressed their attachment to their hometown and the heart of returning to their hometown and building their hometown.

Chen Enbin, president of Zhongyang Construction Group

Chen Enbin, president of Zhongyang Construction Group, the member enterprise of RDI International Think Tank, introduced that as the first private enterprise to go abroad and participate in the construction of "Belt and Road Initiatve", RDI International think tank has taken the development express train and achieved fruitful results, whether in Zambia or Ethiopia. Nanchang, as an important node city participating in the "Belt Road Initiative", plays a strategic supporting role in Ganjiang new area.In the implementation of the " Belt Road Initiative " initiative by Zhongyang construction group, participating in the African project, we found that there is a shortage of Chinese medicine, fruit and building materials in Africa, and enterprises are willing to further promote Jiangxi enterprises to understand Africa, enter Africa and build a high quality platform for enterprises going abroad.

RDI International think tank has been committed to leading and promoting the development of science and technology industry in the countries and regions along the "Belt and Road Initiative". As a new think tank platform, it has focused on and supported the economic development and construction of Jiangxi for a long time, and promoted the integration of provincial cooperation and international cooperation between the Jiangxi Provincial People's government, Pakistan and Iran in 2016, becoming a typical demonstration of the "Belt and Road Initiative" construction breakthrough.

Xu Wenqing, representative of RDI International Think Tank

Xu Wenqing, a representative of RDI International think tank, was invited to attend the meeting.She said that it is very happy to see that the industrial layout of Ganjiang new area has stood at the outlet of the fourth industrial revolution, Ganjiang new area, as an important window for Nanchang to connect with the "Belt and Road Initiative", has gathered tremendous energy, and its forward-looking industrial layout, RDI international think tank will surely help it to be in line with the international standards and become a business card of "Jiangxi foreign aid". From the beginning of its establishment, RDI has been committed to brand building, helping the healthy development of enterprises, exploring, cultivating and recommending excellent enterprises, and promoting their active participation in the new round of development and the practice of "Belt and Road Initiative ". In 2018, the RDI International Think Tank Expert Committee launched 20 excellent innovative enterprises in 319 platform enterprises, including excellent Jiangxi enterprises.Through the RDI platform, enterprises have established a systematic communication and docking mechanism with the international community such as Jiangxi Taihao Group, Jianglian heavy industry, Jingke Electrics, Zhongyang construction group and so on. They have made great achievements in developing overseas projects and become the leader of "Belt and Road Initiative" innovation enterprises.

Entrusted by DR. Baige ZHAO, Vice Chair of the 12th NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, Chair of the Advisory Committee of BRI International Think Tank of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Chair of Advisory Committee of CASS-RDI, RDI International Think Tank will further strengthen its close ties with Ganjiang new area, actively give full play to its platform resources and advantages, from policy, law, technical standards, information, finance, culture and brand. Capacity building and other aspects will help Ganjiang New Area to establish international cooperation and industrial development. Multi-party linkage promotes enterprise clusters and enables Ganjiang New Area to enter the international stage.