Representative of RDI International Think Tank and China Institute of Standardization Investigation and Research on Environmental Protection in Tianzhuang

On January 22, 2019, at the invitation of Chairman Wang Haitao of Shandong Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Lihong, the Secretariat of RDI International Think Tank and the delegation of China Institute of Standardization went to Shandong Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Headquarters for field investigation, and discussed how to establish and improve the technical standard system of ecological plastics for enterprises. And how to play the important role of standards in the development of technology-based enterprises are discussed.

Shandong Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinan High-tech Zone, currently relying on the ecological plastic technology platform, Tianzhuang Environmental Protection has developed a series of related products, such as plastic film, plastic bags, express bags, covering agricultural production, commercial retail, food processing, express logistics, medical and health, catering support, construction and other fields. Tianzhuang Environmental Protection has for the past ten years provided services to thousands of users and well-known enterprises and institutions at home and abroad. The members to Tianzhuang are practicing their commitment to keep white pollution away from the earth with their own practical actions!

Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Technology Researcher gave a detailed explanation on the development process of Tianzhuang Environmental Protection in the past ten years, the development plan for the next ten years, and the derivatives of ecological plastic technology, related inspection and testing, and various confirmatory tests.

Dr. Wang Haitao (second from left) and his party listen to explain of the company's development plan from technical personnel.

The enterprise technology researcher showed Dr. Wang Haitao from the Chinese National Standards Institute and his team the core degradation masterbatch of ecological plastic technology.

Around 12 noon, RDI International Think Tank and China Institute of Standardization followed the enterprise technical researchers to Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Eco-degradable Mulch Film Test Base in Shiziyuan Village, Jinan, to investigate the field application and degradation of eco-degradable mulch film.

General Manager Liu Xinqiang, who is in charge of the test base, explained that there is no difference between the special ecological degradable plastic film for vegetables in the greenhouse of Tianzhuang and the ordinary plastic film in terms of heat preservation, moisture conservation and mechanical tensile force, and it does not change the original farming operation. at the same time, after years of use and field landfill tests, it has been proved that the ecological degradable plastic film can completely degrade in the natural environment and protect the quality of cultivated land in the soil.

Dr. Wang Haitao inspected the degradation effect of landfill test on the spot.

Around 2 pm, a seminar on technical standards of ecological plastics was held in Tianzhuang Environmental Protection Conference Room

The participants listened carefully to the report of enterprise R & D and standard personnel on the existing work foundation of Tianzhuang Environmental Protection and the strategic planning of future technical standards.Dr. Wang Haitao made the following three suggestions in this regard:

(1) Enterprise standard strategic planning should be combined with company development planning, with clear objectives and implementability, and further clarify the relationship between standard development, product development, application and promotion, technical services and other work, so as to form a complementary promotion mechanism;

(2) The company's technical standard system should further optimize its structure, clarify its levels, and make the national standards, industry standards, group standards and enterprise standards complement each other, coordinate with each other and complement each other;

(3) Combining with the company's existing patents, standards and technology accumulation, through refining and summarizing, the common and general technologies should be upgraded to industry standards, national standards and international standards, so as to promote the development of the country in relevant industries and technical fields.

Finally, the participants had in-depth discussions and exchanges on some specific technical issues encountered in the development of the standard.