Dr. Baige Zhao and Her Entourage Paid Research Visit to Xiangshan University Hall

On 19th January, 2019, Dr. Baige Zhao, Vice Chair of the 12th NPC Foreign Affairs Committee, Chair of the Advisory Committee of BRI International Think Tank of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Chair of Advisory Committee of CASS-RDI, upon the invitation of the Professor of School of International Relations and Director of China Strategic Research Center of Beijing University, paid field visit and search to Xiangshan University Hall.

The Xiangshan University Building Complex is located in the former site of the Central Office of the Xiangshan CPC Central Committee, with a building area of 15,000 square meters. During the investigation and study, Mr.Peng Peixiu, Dean of Xiangshan University, reported to Dr. Zhao  the target orientation, development strategy and operational ideas of Xiangshan University Hall.

Xiangshan University Hall aims to spread the excellent traditional culture of five thousand years of China and plans to build a landmark cultural highland with Chinese and foreign focus. The overall working framework and roadmap is to explore the true meaning of relationship between people, people and society, and between man and nature, to rebuild influential and cohesive national ideology, and rebuild the core value system of the Chinese nation based on the orientation of Heaven Emperor Fuxi, Land Emperor Shennong and Human Emperor Xuanyuan, and the core of Laozi, Confucius and Shangzi.

With this aim, Xiangshan University Hall is committed to fully tapping the vitality of Chinese history and culture, shaping the spiritual character of the Chinese nation, making it more cohesive and appealing. To this end, Xiangshan University Hall strives to cooperate with the China Human Rights Research Association and the Nobel China Studio and to organize 30-50 ideological masters and form a China-foreign dialogue. By adopting the narrative way acceptable to the international community, to interpret the community with shared future for mankind, to express the values of the Chinese value to the world, the society and the life, and to form a unique cultural system, ideology and discourse system.

Xiangshan University Hall will also invite Chinese and foreign cultural scholars to hold exchange activities such as the "Xiangshan Bimonthly Summit" to integrate Chinese and foreigner, and to explore the similarities between human culture and the common point of human civilization. By keeping up with the theme of the national culture strategy of the new era, Xiangshan University Hall and like-minded people work together to showcase the charm of Chinese culture to the countries of the world, the results of mutual exchanges between Chinese culture and cultures of the world, and to touch the pulse of Chinese culture and understand China's development philosophy better by using the language and logic that people of all countries can understand. When the conditions permit, we will strive to obtain the support of the national special funds and explore the establishment of the Xiangshan University Hall Research Fund.

Dr. Baige Zhao gave the recognition to the development of Xiangshan University Hall and suggested that the second session of the “Belt and Road” International Summit and the CICA Summit will be used to enhance the influence. It is expected that the University Hall will gather the strengths of all parties and form highlights in terms of agenda setting, research results and external communication. The RDI International Think Tank will further focus on the development of Xiangshan University Hall, strengthen communication, integrate resources, and strive to reach a consensus on major project cooperation, and promote Xiangshan University Hall to become a high-minded place of general concern at home and abroad.

Chen Xiaoying, president of Xiangshan University, representatives of members of the RDI, Feng Kui, secretary general of Urban and Small Town Reform and Development Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Bao Xiaozhu, the chief producer of "Lundao", and RDI Representatives of the International Think Tank Secretariat, and etc. participated the visit. During the visit and research, the future development of Xiangshan University Hall was fully discussed and the constructive opinions were put forward.